Rotation 2 Evaluation: 3D Design

The brief for this project was to propose an exciting and considered response in either conceptual, functional or lighting design that could be installed in the coastal town of Whitley Bay as part of its regeneration. The response should be interesting, creative and viable and should push the boundaries as much as possible.

I began by laying out a mind map with Whitley Bay at the centre. I though about what is commonly assosciated with coastal towns such as tourism, holidays, costal industry and amusements, as well as things specific to the town such as its location in Northumberland, and the mix of architectural styles that has come as a result of different regenerations throughout the years. After this I collected some visual research from the internet that includes professional and amatuer photographs and old fashioned holiday advertisements. This initial research was useful in generating some first ideas and also helped me get a better understanding of the town itself.

After this I began my¬†practitioner research. I started by looking at the neon lighting installations of Tracey Emin, who used handwritten quotes that have a lot of impact. I followed up that piece of research with my own artist study that didn’t use the same mediums but took the idea of using a hand written quote and made use of natural lighting and the way that water can be used to manipulate this light.

After completing a small page of expressive mark-making to experiment with the effects created by five different materials, I began my initial designs. The first was inspired both by my research in the project, and some primary photographs that I already had.

—to be completed—

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