Rotation 6 Evaluation: Vis Com

Our visual communication brief took the word ‘choices’ as a starting point. Through the project we were asked to communicate different choices through innovative illustration and design methods, using exploratory research to select two potential directions. After considering the different areas we’d been given within ‘choices’ (everyday, lifestyle, life defining, taste and ethical) I was drawn towards the theme of choices within lifestyle. I began my research by drawing up a mind map around this, thinking about things like culture, health, norms and values, routine and self-expression. This mind map, along with some online research, led me to select my two directions for this project: the choice to eat meat, and the choice to wear makeup. I chose these two because I felt that they were broad enough to give me a lot of different ways to communicate them, and also the ideas and opinions behind them were strong enough to make the work impactful.

The next stage was to create a visual mind map for both of these themes. In my sketchbook they both have a double page spread that uses many different elements including photography, painting, drawing and text to form mood board-like work that was a strong source of inspiration for the later designs.

For my artist research I chose two illustrators from the list given; Alice Ferrow and Julie Bourdais. I chose to study their work in particular because as well as simply enjoying their illustrations I felt that both of their styles could work well in combination with the two themes I had for my final piece. I went on to use some of Alice Ferrow’s motifs in my design development, for example. Furthermore, the Picasso-esque face created by Bourdais ended up being developed and refined and used as part of my final piece.


Overall, I feel that my final pieces are of quite a good quality. I think that the development of ideas was effective in making the final designs  strong and reflecting the theme (the choice to wear makeup). In terms of improvement I think that I could have made a better choice of medium to use for the final pieces, perhaps creating them digitally rather than just using watercolours, or creating them on a larger scale and using acrylic paints or even mixed media.

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