SP1 weekly review 1

The pre-specialism task for fashion was to study the works of three different illustrators and respond to their artistic style in our sketchbooks. We were given a list of around twenty possible artists to look at, but after briefly searching for each of them on Google I decided to use Pinterest to find three artists not on the list. By looking through my old art & photography and fashion Pinterest boards I found a number of illustrative styles that appealed to me, and eventually decided to focus on Agata Wierzbicka, Ernesto Artillo and Garance Doré. I also wanted to ensure that the artists had clearly different styles of working so that in responding to them I could show a broader range of techniques, and I think that these three artists represent this variation well.

I chose three images for each artist that I felt were the best representations of their style, technique and media. I then responded to each image using media such as charcoal, pencil, watercolour and collage. I drew inspiration from their use of colour, shape and motif, as well as the clear differences in composititon between the three.

After completing this task we were given the brief for specialist project 1. Entitled ‘Fashion Drawing’, it focused on one of two concepts (fluid or angular) which we were to investigate and develop a collection from. This week I primarily used Pinterest to carry out initial research into both concepts and quickly decided to choose ‘fluid’ because the imagery assosciated with it was more appealing and generated more interesting ideas for responses than the ‘angular’ concept. After choosing a mixture of fashion and concept photographs that I felt linked with ‘fluid’ I began responding to them in my sketchbook using media such as tape, graphite, acetate, Gutta silk paint and cut-outs. This broad range of techniques allowed me to explore how even very different images and media can be used together and still create a response that clearly reflects the original concept.

Overall this week I feel that my concept research is strong and demonstrates some of the skills I have developed during rotation, as well as showing some experimental responses that have worked well. I feel that this first section of the project will work well in creating inspiration and generating development ideas at a later date.


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