SP1 weekly review 2

Week two of the Fashion Drawing project began with a continuation of my concept research. After the ‘fluid’ imagery and my responses to it I moved into using digital tools to create a number of mood boards and a digital concept board. Using Polyvore I created five simple mood boards showing pieces that to me represented the chosen concept. These simple boards didn’t take up a lot of time but they were very helpful in making the idea of a ‘fluid’ garment more clear and realistic, as opposed to the quite vague and artistic imagery I had been using so far.

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Similarly, I then went on to create a digital concept board on Photoshop, which used some of the imagery I selected last week in my initial research. Whilst i’m pleased with the outcome of this as it shows the idea of ‘fluidity’, I feel that I rushed this particular part of the project and the board could have been a lot more effective if i’d taken more time over its composition and the imagery I selected for it. digital-concept-board

Towards the end of this week I moved into the final parts of my concept research and began thinking about some design development and key features I might like to include in my designs. Using WGSN I was able to find a key trends report from SS16 that talked about the ‘Fluid Volume’ trend – ideal for this project. The report talked about “materials that fall between solid and liquid form”, “contrasts of fluid drape and solid materiality at Rick Owens and A F Vandevorst”, and garments that “ebb and flow” around the body in silks and chiffons. This information was very useful in giving me more direction and specific ideas about fabrics and construction for ‘fluid’ garments. I also used the WGSN library of technical flats to inspire shape and look at how drape was used on obvious pieces like dresses but also coats, jackets and trousers. By this point I was also very set on creating womenswear as the whole idea of light, flowing, liquid-like pieces is very suited to that market. This reserach section of my sketchbook ends with a selection of different primary photographs that I took based around the concept. They show a body of water, both still and in motion, which is a clear link to ‘fluid’, but also the use of light on fabric, as well as some sculptural pieces from the Shipley Gallery.


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