SP1 weekly review 3

Going into the third week of the Fashion Drawing project I began to put onto paper some of the rough design ideas and key features i’d been thinking about during the two previous weeks. Because of the nature of ‘fluid’, designs were obviously going to make use of drape and light, sheer, reflective fabrics. My initial prototype illustrations show quite a lot of variety in terms of construction, but I definitley think there might have been room for more experimentation in these designs as some of them appear too ‘safe’, particularly when they are only represented in a black-and white sketch with no further design information.

After these 10 first designs I moved onto developing some of the ones I thought had the most impact and would be able to be taken further to create effective final designs. I had already considered the season to design for and chosen ss(18) because of the nature of the light, airy materials and relaxed construction of the designs which are much better suited to a warmer climate. However, at this stage I also began thinking more about colour palettes, silhouettes and specific details within the garments. I also have a few stray sketches alongside that show some model pose experimentation and styling in an attempt to finalise a model drawing style that I could use throughout.

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