SP2 weekly review 1

Our second specialism project is a ‘deconstruct-reconstruct’ project and is entitled Barnardo’s. The brief describes this project as being about developing an understanding of the concepts in construction, detail, fabric selection and colour, whilst designing for a current trend.

This week I started by looking into all of the trends under the Slow Futures section on WGSN. Again, like the previous project I have chosen to design womenswear. These were all forecast for ss18 and included Raw Minimalism, Sculpted Volume and Retro Futuristic, amongst others. After considering the aesthetics, colour palettes, materials and imagery within each trend carefully I decided to go ahead with Traditions Reformed, a trend based upon historical styling from Asia Pacific, incorporating exaggerated sleeves, neutral tones and a fit-and-flare silhouette. Out of all of the trends under Slow Futures this one stood out to me because of the elegant but unusual silhouettes, as well as the neutral colour palette that should be easy enough to replicate when sourcing second-hand garments.


After finalising the trend I was going to choose I moved on to collating secondary research into a number of areas that I felt linked in with Traditions Reformed. I looked into the brand mentioned in the WGSN report, Ms Min, as a way of including some more directed research into a specific area. In my sketchbook I have added five images from their ss18 collection that I found to be the most inspiring and include design features that I might like to replicate.

Prior to this, I have put together five pages of research into Traditions Reformed that include mostly secondary but also some primary research. I have also tried to use a mixture of non-fashion, catwalk and street style images to hopefully give me a broader view of the trend/concept when it comes to designing. In responding to these images I have used acetate in combination with markers and silk paint, as well as using small fabric and trim samples for variation. Unlike the previous project I also carried out some experimentation using the scanner/photocopier as a means of photography to see what effects could be created. I used a length of lace trim that was similar to some of the intricate lace detailing on garments I had found in my trend research, as well as dried flower petals behind a hibiscus flower motif that I had taken from a tiny fabric sample and linked to Traditions Reformed, which is a design feature that I aim to use further. To supplement this trend research I hope to create a number of fabric samples next week using techniques including quilting, embroidery and knit.

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