SP2 weekly review 3

After using a lot of last week to create different fabric samples, week three started with more in-depth development of the six-piece collection. After analysing the key details of my three garments I created a number of development pages that explored how they could be combined to create outfits that reflected Traditions Reformed and made use of all of the design details of this trend that were my reasons for choosing it in the first place.

Production of my final garment was due to begin this week but due to a number of different restrictions that hasn’t been able to happen. However, because of this I have decided to use my development drawings and experimentation as further design ‘evolution’ which will hopefully mean my final piece is better thought-out and therefore to a higher standard than it would have otherwise been.

In terms of coming up with the final collection, I have focused a lot on the fit-and-flare feature of the trend because of the interesting and feminine silhouette it can create. I also think it can work well with the kinds of simple, plain fabrics that my three garments are created from, as they are all either chiffon or thin cotton. Some of the sketches have some obvious links to the trend such as Mandarin collars, whilst other details are more subtle or have been taken directly from similar garments found in my trend research.


final line up – before adding colour & more defined lines

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