SP2 final evaluation

The Barnardo’s project was something that I took a lot of interest in mostly because the concept of the ‘Traditions Reformed’ trend was something comepletely new to me and that I hadn’t really explored before. I feel that throughout the project I was able to make use of existing skills as well as developing new ones, such as the sample workshops that I completed in week 2. Because this was a ‘making’ project I was able to utilise the knowledge gained from studying textiles at GCSE and A Level, which I think is shown in the details and finish of my final garment, such as small rolled hems on the lighter chiffon materials, and the careful consideration of where to place different layers of fabrics to allow the elasticated waist to still stretch.

In terms of my sketchbook, I think that the research section is particularly strong and was something that I referred back to constantly during the development and design stages to keep design ideas on track to the original theme/trend. Here I think I demonstrated my ability to gather relevant and engaging imagery from a varitety of primary and secondary sources and apply them to the trend I had chosen. Knitting and embroidery samples add dimension and give some of the images a ‘physical’ link to a fashion product.

Another area of this project that I am pleased with are the three garments that I found to transform into my final piece, a strapless asymmetrical top with wrap-around waist. I think that the colourways, construction and design details all came together effectively to create something that reflected what I was trying to convey. Key details that i’d had in mind were the fit-and-flare silhouette, the use of light neutral colours, lightweight fabrics and a high waist.

Despite completing the make and being happy with its finished quality and appearance, there are a number of negatives which meant this project didn’t go as well as I feel it could have. For example, time management on this project was not as efficient as it could have been. This was due mainly to reasons out of my control, but I can also identify areas where I could have made better use of time given and put more focus into moving away from development stages and into further designing/making. Because of this dis-jointedness I was then not able to complete a planned photoshoot of the garment and so cannot present high-quality stylised images of the finished piece as I would have hoped. I also feel that this is shown in my sketchbook work, as I don’t feel that pages towards the end are sufficient in terms of quality but mostly quantity.

I am aware of areas that I need to improve moving forward, but I have also gained new skills and can take away from this project things which can enhance any future work so that I can complete it to a standard which I know I am capable of.

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