SP3 weekly review 1

Our final specialist project is titled ‘Trend’. It “combines fashion marketing aspects with trend prediction to ultimately design a capsule collection for a high street brand”. As well as fashion forecasting and trend prediction being an integral part of this Trend project, market research is vital and is used as the starting point. We were given a list of nine high street brands to research, by combining online information and images with our own real-life experiences of each store, commenting on things like visual merchandising, organisation, staff, advertising and product quality. This week I carried out most of this research and the write-up for it can be found here. The research was mounted in my sketchbook alongside online imagery relating to the brand identity of each store and some flats/sketches representing the kind of garments each is known for.

After completing this research we had to select one of these brands to design our capsule collection for. I was drawn to both All Saints and Zara because I felt that both of their brand identities and product ranges would be suited to my overall style of designing and initial ideas I already had. In the end I went with Zara, mainly because the future trend from WGSN Dark Wonder that I had chosen (‘Plush Luxe’) was reminiscent of many of Zara’s past collections. Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 11.17.38

Of the nine trends within Dark Wonder, I feel that this one is most appropriate to my chosen brand and offers a lot of inspiration and potential for a six-outfit collection. After choosing my brand and trend I can now move into research that combines the two, looking at recurring themes, design features, fabrics, embellishments, etc.


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