Progression intentions

As of the 8th of March, I’ve decided to take the unconditional offer from Leeds Beckett for Fashion Marketing as my firm choice. After recieving an unexpected rejection from Northumbria I was left with the choice between two unconditional offers from Beckett and Nottingham Trent, and decided on Leeds because that had always been the ‘backup plan’ after Northumbria. I will be attending an applicant day for the Fashion Marketing course on the 22nd April to learn in more detail what the course will include and to see the university itself as I didn’t get chance to go to an open day. confirmed


Visual CV

Below is an image of the A3 visual CV I created for my Fashion Communication interview at Northumbria. I selected a range of images that stood out to me and that I felt communicated my personal style and interests. Incorporating some primary photographs and key words alongside secondary imagery, I tried to keep the layout un-cluttered by being selective with the content I chose. I was then able to talk briefly about each image and its relevance in the interview, as well as discuss some of my interests, background and personal favourite fashion publications.


Personal Statement

My interest in Art and Design based subjects has always been strong and has been reflected in my subject choices and results from GCSE onwards, and I am very keen to pursue Higher Education and a career in this field. I am now completing a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design, specialising in Fashion. Whilst in this specialism I have developed many practical and theoretical skills, and have found that I am more suited to the Marketing and Communication area within the Fashion industry. I am passionate about pursuing a course at University that will help me to further develop my skillset.
Fashion Communication in particular interests me as it allows me to apply my creativity in a way that differs from the design and construction elements, which I have been accustomed to over years of studying Textiles and Fashion. My current and previous studies have built up the technical knowledge and understanding I need to enable me to progress onto a Degree programme with confidence whilst giving me an opportunity to gain new skills and utilising opportunities.
The Foundation course has given me a lot of valuable experience already, not only in terms of practical creative skills in sewing, drawing techniques, sketchbook development, etc, but also indirect experience that will equip me for Higher Education such as shifting from a small town to a city environment, and being given the responsibility of effectively managing my own time and practical work. Being in a creative environment has definitely benefited me and I feel this is apparent in the quality and composition of my work. I am able to find inspiration easily and have access to a wealth of exhibitions and galleries from which my past work has been influenced, such as the Jumana Emil Abboud exhibition on Palestinian Folklore at the Baltic, and the 18th-19th Century paintings of the Laing gallery.
I have taken part in a number of volunteering schemes alongside my waitressing job, all of
which have given me valuable transferrable skills and experience which has allowed me to
explore my creativity in different ways. I have volunteered at The Alnwick Garden, working
alongside the employees at creative events and activities hosted for children. The experience has helped me to build on my teamwork and leadership skills as well as developing a strong set of communicational and interpersonal skills. Through volunteering I have obtained a ‘reference’ from Her Grace, the Duchess of Northumberland which is invaluable. The skills gained are transferable to Higher Education as they show I am reliable, responsible and enthusiastic about artistic and creative tasks.
At age 17, I also volunteered weekly in a local Oxfam shop. I was part of the shop’s team for a year and I added to this experience with a full week of work experience there which I
completed in June 2015. During the year I completed a wide range of tasks in the shop, from pricing items, to sorting and organising donations, creating window displays based around a theme, operating the till, and stock taking. All of these contributed towards my creative and communicational skills, and also helped me to develop confidence as I had to be self-directed and carry out jobs correctly, and punctuality was very important, which is something I pride myself highly upon. I think that my time volunteering in Oxfam will be particularly useful in relation to a creative, marketing-based course as the responsibilities included creating shop-front displays, organising donations and styling the different areas within the shop.
I am confident University will be a great help in showing the options available to after I
graduate; I will use the wealth of knowledge and experience it will give me to progress into a creative, Fashion-centred career that allows me to use my creative abilities to take my
passion and utilise it into a career.

Progression time plan – open days and interviews

Key dates, open days, UCAS deadlines

Open days


  • Leeds College of Art – Wednesday 7th December, 12.30


  • Edinburgh College of Art – Saturday 8th October (missed)
  • Leeds Beckett – Saturday 19th November 09.00 – 17.00
  • Manchester Met – Saturday 26th November 10.00 – 16.00
  • Glasgow School of Art – Thursday 27th October (missed) – contact about other opportunities:
  • Uni of Leeds – Saturday 17th June 2017
  • Northumbria Uni – Saturday 26th November 09.00 – 15.00

Applications + offers

  • Leeds Beckett – Fashion Marketing (unconditional)
  • Nottingham Trent – Fashion Communication & Promotion (unconditional)
  • Leeds College of Art – Fashion (interview) (withdrawn)
  • Northumbria – Fashion Communication (interview)


  • Leeds College of Art – Saturday 4th February (withdrawn)
  • Northumbria Uni – Tuesday 31st January (attended – awaiting response)

Progression Research

———-29th NOVEMBER 2016———

Recently I have become more drawn to the idea of studying at Northumbria University and so this has moved up the list to become more like my 2nd or 3rd application rather than 5th. Edinburgh has moved down slightly as the idea of starting 2nd year puts me off a little bit. For the same reason I will probably no longer apply to Glasgow School of Art, as on top of starting 2nd year it’s also further away.

  • Leeds College of Art
  • Northumbria University
  • Leeds Beckett University
  • Edinburgh College of Art
  • Manchester Metropolitan University
  • UAL

———-9th NOVEMBER 2016———

In terms of degrees i’m fairly sure that fashion is the area i’d like to go into. Within this there are three specialised areas that appeal to me:

  • Fashion marketing/merchandising
  • Fashion journalism
  • Fashion buying

In the last few months I have been looking into the following institutions as potential progression routes:

  • Leeds College of Art
  • Leeds Beckett University
  • Edinburgh College of Art
  • Glasgow School of Art
  • Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Northumbria University
  • UAL

As a city Leeds appeals to me as it is very student-orientated, and is close enough to home for travel costs to be relatively low. Furthermore, the structure of the fashion degrees at the two Leeds institutions sounds appealing, particularly the College of Art. After my first two applications which are likely to be the College of Art and Beckett, Edinburgh is another city that I think I would find very enjoyable to live & study in. Again, it’s not overly far from home – a 90 minute train journey, and I know from past visits that there’s lots of things I like about the area.